Fuenlabrada Town Hall

Fuenlabrada, Madrid. Spain

Fuenlabrada Town Hall



31.200 m2

Contest / Built

1st Prize National Competition of Architects

The solution is intended to record the time in which it occurs, forming a building based on the use of advanced techniques and materials of the moment. His sincere and logical use seeks to enhance his own expressive capacity.

The shape of the building comes from the fragmentation of the buildable volume into three main pieces that contain the work and representative areas; and a fourth servant of the previous ones.

The three main modules are separated from each other in an unequal way, generating spaces between them with different functions: the narrower one as the light yard to which the main circulation of the smaller modules is oriented; and the greater patio like expansion of the interior in ground floor and obtaining of light for the rooms of work of the modules that conform it. At the same time, the four modules are suspended on a base that protrudes from the ground to absorb its unevenness and rests on the part of the building buried with a parking program.

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