Architecture & Interior Design

Architecture and interior design go hand in hand. Interior design is an inseparable part of architecture and in many cases, it is what you most experience and perceive. In all our projects we try to get as close as possible to that continuity between the exterior and the interior that is so important and necessary.

As architects with an extensive experience, we develop projects where we respond to both needs, taking care of the details, the objectives and the functionality of the spaces, as well as the search of balance between all the elements that compose it; materials, lighting, textures and shapes, colors and furnishings, amongst many others.

Starting from simplicity and practicality as maximums in our work, our success lies in designing spaces that respond to their function to the perfection, involving the use of renewable energies, sustainable and recycled materials, and advanced technology integrated in the environment.

Arquitectura e Interiorismo
Residencial y Vivienda Social

Residential and Social Housing

Residential projects both individual and multi-family, as well as social housing projects, have been a constant work throughout more than 30 years of profession. Housing, whether regular or vacational, is one of the greatest needs and dreams of individuals and families, and it is a professional exercise full of challenges and satisfactions.

Architectural competitions for the development of social housing is a meticulous work and an apprenticeship school where to prioritize and give value to every cm2 of space, proportions, lighting and natural ventilation, as well as views, orientations, privacy and energy savings.

They are projects full of adaptation, changes and solutions that also serve as a guide for many subsequent works and projects in other fields.

Consultancy and Assessment

The experience of many years of projects and a great variety of works, give us the necessary skills to share our knowledge in collaboration with other architects, engineers and professionals of the sector and offer a complete and high quality service, where we value the creative work and authorship of the projects.

At the same time it allows meeting other professionals who also contribute with new ideas, enriching us professionally and improving the architectural product to find the best solution for our clients.

Consultoría y Asesoramiento
Dirección de obra

Project Construction Management

Assigning an architect with the necessary knowledge of the project is undoubtedly a necessity, a responsibility and a wise decision for the final result of the work

The construction management, one of the most demanding and at the same time most gratifying, is carried out by Enrique Johansson as construction manager. He supervises, visualizes and experiences in real time the project proposed.

The essential coordination between the teams of workers, manufacturers, assemblers and the constructor is a fundamental and demanding task, as well as the direct contact with the material, the structure and the finishings that must provide a solution to all the proposed objectives.

Urban planning and Development

It is the step to a large-scale work that involves the city, the different neighborhoods and areas, transportation, green spaces, pedestrian areas, use of vehicles, spaces between buildings, the “landscape” and social relations amongst many others.

Since the beginning of our professional experience as architects we have never stopped planning the land and ordering the terrain so that later the architecture fits and responds to the needs of the society with proposals that benefit and improve the urban landscape and the life of the people.

Urbanismo y Ordenación
Diseño de producto

Product Design

In each of our projects we know the needs and possibilities of interior design and decoration involved.

Therefore, we are developing a new line of projects on demand where we can respond to the creation of timeless pieces full of quality and design, totally appropriate and adapted to the spaces we create and to the clients we work with.

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