110 Dwellings Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid

110 Viviendas Paseo de la Castellana Madrid

Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid. Spain



12.000 m2


The Rehabilitation of the Castellana 157 Building, recovers the residential use of the building, transformed into offices in the last 20 years. Regarding the facades, the rehabilitation aims to move within the parameters of the existing building, maintenance of holes, exterior finishes, general volume, etc. introducing light and differentiated elements that also incorporate color.

All the houses are exterior and have large gaps to the facades of the building. The proposed layout for these “apartment” type dwellings is to have a large living-dining room-kitchen space in continuity with the lobby, looking for that from the outside, avoiding corridors and dark areas. In this way a more fluid and wide space is achieved. The roof traditionally occupied by climate equipment is recovered for a communal use of garden, pool and views.

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