500 Social Housing Itajaí, Brasil

Itajai, Brasil




23.600 m2

Contest / Project

The Architectural Planning responds to the client’s demands to develop a decent social housing, and within the framework of the program “Minha Casa Minha Vida”. This means that it will be functional, well distributed, ventilated and illuminated, and of quality, with low cost of maintenance. The proposal must start from a type of two-bedroom home, which must imply the 90% of the total housing.

All the houses will be open to two facades which means climatically “Sustainable”. They will have an interior space called “multiple” of approximately 20 m2 for the living-dining-kitchen. The structure of the building will not be a condition of the interior distribution of the house. The houses will have outdoor spaces for the laying of clothes and for the “churrasquera”.

All components of the building such as; structure, bathrooms, kitchens, woodwork, finishes, etc., are part of a catalog of prefabricated and repetitive elements, in order to rationalize construction and reduce costs.

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